Highest quality a class profiles






Highest quality a class profiles

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Environmentally friendly products

All the stages of the life of our products are characterised by high environmental standards. The energy loss in the production process has been reduced as much as possible, we use recycled materials, and CO2 emissions have been reduced by 90%. Our products contribute to significant energy savings with their insulation properties, and high durability and simplicity of maintenance additionally reduce the negative impact they may have on the environment. After it is removed, old PVC joinery is dismantled and transported to a recycling facility. Almost all the materials are reused in the production of new windows and doors.

Full service

We are very well acquainted with our clients and their needs. In order for the work we will be doing for you goes as smoothly as possible, we are offering you full service of removing the existing joinery, disposal of construction and other waste, installation of new joinery, and cleaning after installation. Everything will be done by an experienced team of our employees, which reduces the time it takes to complete the work.

We also take care of the transportation and disposal of waste created during the installation of new joinery and the cleaning of your space after installation. Find out more…


The production starts in the preliminary production department with the creation of a work order. A special work order is made for every buyer, and it contains the detailed specifications of all the characteristics of the final product. Digital work orders are then sent to the production hall, to the automatic saw, where the work on the PVC profiles starts.

The profile for the production of the product is determined using a computer, and the appropriate barcode is assigned to it. Find out more…

European projects

The company Iveta d.o.o. has successfully implemented the EU project: “The Optimization of Business Processes of the Company Iveta d.o.o. by the Introduction of Advanced ICT Solutions”


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